Great Wall Hiking and Nongjiayun Overnight in Huailai County

Bubbly and Barbeque Overnight Trip at the Great Wall 

Start stretching those legs and getting ready--CAABJ has a plan to get you outdoors and having fun! Join fellow Columbians on an all-inclusive overnight trip to a quiet part of the Great Wall near Beijing that's rarely visited by tourists. Our trip features four meals (including a barbeque dinner with bubbly, beer, and a bonfire), one night of accommodation at a well-known nongjiayuan, two vigorous hikes, and transportation between the Yanqing train station and the nongjiayuan. 

We'll  staying at Great Wall Fresh (, a restaurant, guest house and Chinese country home in Chenjiapu, a peaceful village next to a rustic stretch of the Great Wall. Meet at Beijing North Railway Station (at Xizhimen) and travel to our base by train with a transfer via microvan. We'll have time for a home-cooked lunch before making our first ascent that afternoon, returning around three hours later to relax and enjoy a barbeque dinner, drinks, and a bonfire.

We will undertake a more challenging route the next morning, returning for lunch and departing for Beijing midafternoon. Participating in the hikes is encouraged, but optional. Columbians may bring up to two friends or family members. This trip is limited to around 28 participants.   

What's included? Accommodation for one night, local transportation between Yanqing and the lodging, all meals (1B, 2L, 1D), two guided hikes on the wall, as well as beer and bubbly for our evening barbeque. This is an outstanding value and compares favorably to day trips to the Great Wall that cost at least RMB 400. 
What's not included? Train ride between Beijing and Yanqing, RMB 12 total. (See below.)

Departure and return  Depart Saturday May 28 via the S2 train line at 10:57 a.m. Please arrive at the above-ground main entrance of the Beijing North Train Station by 10:15 a.m. (See map link below.) The best way to get there is by taking subway line 4, 2, or 13 to Xizhimen Station, or by taxi. You must pay for the train ride separately by using an Yikatong (一卡通) public transportation card. The cost is RMB 6 each way, but you must have a minimum balance of RMB 16 on your card to enter the station; we recommend having RMB 30 on your card before leaving Beijing. We'll depart from Yanqing on May 29 on the S2 train at 3:30 p.m. and arrive in Beijing around two hours later. See for driving directions.

Accommodations  Great Wall Fresh is a nongjiayuan (农家院). Rooms are basic but cozy. Most rooms accommodate four to six persons each. Some rooms have a kang, others have double or twin-size beds; all include ample bedding. NOTE: Private rooms are NOT available and you will be assigned roommates who are not in your party. Bathrooms are shared; please bring your own toiletries and a towel.

Cancellation and refunds  The trip will not be cancelled if it rains or is smoggy. The air quality at Chenjiapu is generally better than in Beijing because is lies outside a mountain chain that encloses Beijing. You may transfer your spot to another person if you must cancel.

Waiver You participate in this activity at your own risk and agree to sign a liability waiver. Neither CAABJ nor the organizers will be liable for personal injury or losses sustained by participating in this outing.

June 16, 2016 at 10:57am - June 18, 2016

地点: Beijing--Chenjiapu (陈家堡村), Huailai County--Beijing


Katie Whitman


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