Chinese New Year Mixer


Are you ready to welcome the Year of the Rooster? Columbians and friends are invited to our Chinese New Year mixer at Long Jing on Thursday, January 19, 7-9:30 p.m. This presents Lions their last chance to monkey around together before the New Year.

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and hip vibe of this cool Sanlitun establishment, which specializes in tea-based cocktails and is offering us special prices on a range of drinks. No need to reserve–stop by whenever you can.

Tea-based cocktails
Rain Water/雨水 80
White Dew/白露 80

Other specialty cocktails
Lychee Martini/Mojito/Cosmo/Moscow Mule/Whiskey Sour 60

Mixed drinks 55

Kalamanda Cellar Select Shiraz/Chardonnay 60 (2-for-1)

Hoegaarden 45 (2-for-1)
Budweiser 35 (2-for-1)

Time: Thursday, January 19, 7-9:30 p.m.
Venue: Long Jing — Modern Tea House & CockTeal Lounge
112, Bldg. 22, 4 Gongtibeilu/工体北路4号机电院22号楼112
(Opposite the entrance to 1949)
Tel: 6593 5998

i1magesSummer Internship

The Columbia Experience Overseas (CEO) program is looking for around five more employers in Beijing who can host a Columbia undergraduate as a summer intern. The internship lasts eight weeks, from June to August. Contact Caitlin Graci at the Center for Career Education for details ([email protected], 212-854-3891).

CAABJ contact: Karl Metzner ([email protected], 13501384022)